Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is the registry for the pottery that Ted and Caroline want for their wedding. I am so honored that they have chosen to make their home together in the presence of so many of my pots. It always amazes me to hear how much my creative work is appreciated by other people. If I didn't need to earn a living I would probably just give them everything they want. Since that is not exactly the case, it is up to you, their friends and family, to purchase these items for them. What I am suggesting is that you folks choose what you want to give them, and claim it by being the first to enter a comment under the desired item. I will mark it as "sale pending", and when you have paid me for it I will mark it as "sold". You can pay me with cash or by check, and you can deliver it to my house when you pick the item up, or mail it to me at

Carter Gillies
572 Nantahala Ave
Athens GA 30601

If you can't pay for it at this point, or can't pick the item up in a timely fashion please let me know and we can make arrangements. You can reach me at

(706) 546-7235 or at carterthepotter@gmail.com

If you live out of town and need it delivered I can put it on my etsy shop as "reserved by you for Ted and Caroline". I accept paypal on the etsy shop, but I will have to charge extra for the cost of listing it and for the shipping. If this is the only way you can make it work I have no problem handling it this way. There are 21 total items, so click on the 'older posts' to see more stuff.

Thank you for working with me and for helping to make Ted and Caroline's dream come true!

Carter Gillies